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  • Bluebox as a Audio Interface

    This is my first Posting on this Forum and I want to say Hi first of all.

    I‘m really really happy with my Blackbox and am very excited to see the possibilites the Bluebox offers.

    The One think that is holding me back from ordering one is that it can‘t be used as an audio interface.

    So my Question is: Is there any chance that this functionality is added via an Software Update or is this something you couldnt even do if you would want because of the used components in the bluebox?


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    Oh I just read in the other topic that there are no plans to add a audio interface functionality in the future. Sad.


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      They didn’t say it wasn’t possible technically as the components are there (AD/DA converters, CPU power, RAM, audio/midi connectivity). Though not in the priority and not in the design plans. The Bluebox was intended to be a mixer.

      I agree it would be really cool but I guess it’s a lot of development and possibly with technical difficulties and maybe a result that wouldn’t be as good as our expectations.

      It would definitely make the Bluebox a no brainer purchase for many hw synth equipped producers as it would suddenly become very competitive in terms of price in the mixer/audio interface category.

      So maybe one day. But unlikely.
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        Also... there are SO MANY great options for interfaces. And with the ability to export STEMS it seems less necessary. But we hear you.


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          There are many amazing options for giant XLR/6.5 jack with old-skool MIDI DIN interfaces for sure.

          For the tiny world there is :
          - TX-6 : also a mixer & recorder but without MIDI and priced >1K$
          - IK Multimedia iRig stuff : very limited audio I/O, proprietary connectors
          - Roland Mixer Go Pro : no recording, no midi, cheap but overall poor quality
          - Zoom H6 : that one could have been compelling if instead of timecode I/O it was MIDI.

          So definitely a Bluebox with 12 inputs, 3 outs and MIDI I/O in a tiny package would beat all of them if it also provided USB Audio+MIDI I/O.

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        Thanks for your replies!

        Yes you‘re right but it just would replace one more piece of gear for me because I would no longer need my audio interface for the case of recording into my iPad.

        Maybe I‘ll get the blackbox anyway but this would really be a no brainer for me and a lot of people I guess even when the implemantation is offered more as an add-on than an main-feature


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          Live streaming directly to a phone or laptop is pretty common right now and the BlueBox offers just about everything you need, except for the ability to feed a stereo mix into your streaming device without an additional interface. If it had a stereo class compliant USB output, it would be perfect! Not to mention that it would make it more useful for small studios and portable laptop setups.


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            Bluebox is an opportunity to get away from the computer for a while


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              Originally posted by Fred_Alert View Post
              Bluebox is an opportunity to get away from the computer for a while
              Absolutly and I am currently working completly DAWless beside recording into AUM on my iPad but as I said: Using it as Audio Interface is an Option that would made it a no-brainer for me. Without that option it is „just“ one more great tool but not a must have


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                I have a Maschine+ as well, that would be a very good fit as a synth oriented audio interface even in DAWless mode.

                Whatever feature that helps me eliminate another device from my studio setup (and all the cables that go with it) is welcome.


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                  I agree with the OP about this feature. There is a USB port on this device, would be awesome to plug my iPad or phone in to record directly into my device and master through the apps I have. I don’t have a PC in my mix and had to buy another piece of gear to read the SD card on my iPad. Seems like a missed opportunity imo. The form factor is why I purchased the bluebox, but not being able to record to an external device through USB has been a struggle in my workflow.


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                    I actually see the bluebox more as a replacement for the "audio interface into daw" paradigm.
                    you can simply export stems and finish your track in the box if you so wish.

                    what I've requested in the past and would make more sense to me is for the bluebox to be able to receive class compliant usb. so you could connect an audio interface with nice preamps into the recorder and assign to tracks.


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                      That would be nice indeed. There are many class compliant devices that can send either the master out or multi-track.

                      However, I wonder if this isn’t going to create a ground loop though. Maybe would work better on devices that don’t also get power from this same device USB port.
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                    I agree here. I know that being a full fledged audio interface isn't the purpose of the device, and I'm cool with that. Given the focus on portability and convenience though, at least streaming the main out over USB would vastly simplify a lot of portable setups. Then, it'd be possible to get the audio directly onto a phone or iPad for streaming or making videos. I'd love to understand if this is something that's even possible from a hardware perspective (even if it's not on the development roadmap as of now).


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                      there was a video 1010 guested on where they said it wasnt part of the plan unfortunately although it would be great. i think it would need to be more expensive to justify the extra r&d


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                        Yes ! This would make it perfect for me. Connect it to your
                        phone and stream everywhere


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                          Would be so great and would allow Blackbox to be more integrated in a DAW