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Bluebox as a Audio Interface

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    Originally posted by Solipsvs
    there was a video 1010 guested on where they said it wasnt part of the plan unfortunately although it would be great. i think it would need to be more expensive to justify the extra r&d
    did yall see this?


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      A related suggestion: let the USB host port use a class-compliant audio device for output. Would be especially useful if it counted as a separate output with the same configuration and send capabilities as OUT2. No more room in the hardware for more outputs, but maybe we can expand our outputs (and inputs?) with USB.


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        Originally posted by skysick
        A related suggestion: let the USB host port use a class-compliant audio device for output. Would be especially useful if it counted as a separate output with the same configuration and send capabilities as OUT2. No more room in the hardware for more outputs, but maybe we can expand our outputs (and inputs?) with USB.
        i think it seems fairly unlikely, but yeah, would be super cool to route the digital outs of the blue box via usb into my xone 96 for some analog summing.


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          class-compliant bi-directional audio over usb would be awesome! especially paired with something like the OP-1 (which just added that feature via a firmware update!!, 10 years later)


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            Originally posted by Steve
            Also... there are SO MANY great options for interfaces. And with the ability to export STEMS it seems less necessary. But we hear you.
            As far as I can tell, there isn’t a competitor in the space with the portability of the BlueBox.

            I bought the BlackBox and BlueBox because of portability. I have an Akai MPC Live 2. It’s sell is that it’s a portable solution.

            Have you ever picked one up?

            If usb audio interface compliance was added to the BlueBox - it would be my go to portable mixer. Because it could do ALL the things I need AND it would be truly portable.
            If you added the functionality to a BlackBox so that it could use the class compliance of the BlueBox - then IT would be my portable answer (instead of the MPC Live 2)…
            a BlackBox, a BlueBox, a USB lipo battery, powered stereo speakers, and a midi controller ALL TOGETHER weigh less than Akai’s product…

            When I’m out in the forest, or near the beach, and I’m making noise… people ask “what’s that.”

            Do you prefer the answer to be, “an Akai….”
            or do you prefer “1010music…”
            because we both know they’ll walk away thinking, “I should get me one of those…”

            you’re right the BlueBox and BlackBox weren’t designed to work this way…

            But they CAN….
            your customers want them to…
            and I can’t think of better advertising for your brand.

            Just something to consider.

            -another satisfied customer of 1010music
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              I mentioned this in another post, and I’m making sure it’s here…

              I bought my BlackBox and BlueBox because portability.

              I also have an MPC Live II. Akai calls it portable. It has a speaker, battery, and interface. Pretty much everything needed to be portable. And as of yesterday’s 2.10 update, it works with class compliant USB audio…

              BUT it has a MAJOR drawback.
              You ever pick one up?

              The BlueBox has a huge advantage. If USB audio class compliance were added to it…
              What product would compete with it?
              What product is as small, as light, and as powerful?

              I get, “we didn’t design it to do that…”
              The reality is, “the street finds its own uses.”

              Your customers (me included) are expressing a desire for a feature that has demonstrable value.

              The product CAN do this.

              It would even behoove me to PAY $100 for this specific upgrade (because it would still be cheaper, lighter, smaller, and integrated)…

              I don’t WANT to have to do that, but it doesn’t seem 1010music WANTS to do this…

              and that’s fair, you CAN’T do EVERY feature requested…
              I get that.

              But I bet a LOT of people WOULD pay EXTRA for this…

              Imagine someone sees me at the beach or in a forest with my rig making music…

              When they ask “what’s that?”
              My answers could be:
              An Akai MPC Live (boat anchor) and a Tascam12…

              A 1010music BlackBox, BlueBox, USB power, speaker, headphones, and midi controller. And because these all weigh less than an Akai MPC Live I decided to bring these things too…

              Which answer do you think makes you the most money?

              Because when people see stuff like this, their next thought is, “I gotta get me one of those…”

              just something to consider…
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                I love the stems recording, but I wish I could stream my jams with bluebox connected to my phone without having to lug around additional piece of gear


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                  Until two days ago, never high on my priority list. However, the MPC just acquired the ability to use class-compliant USB audio interfaces, and now I find myself looking at the Bluebox and thinking how much of a game changer this would be for live mixing, and I'm fully in the other camp. I'd get a second one just for that.


                  • jayneural
                    jayneural commented
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                    Yes, both M+ and MPC now accept external devices. So completing the setup with a Bluebox would be the ultimate digital link with the setup around it.

                    Could also be nice to see the ability to get audio through the USB-A host port like the MPC and M+ do.

                  • ehutchins
                    ehutchins commented
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                    The Bluebox would become “the” perfect mixer with class compliant USB multichannel audio ability. I’d buy two! The ability to not have to lug around a large mixer or audio interface would be a game changer.

                  • tutschdamoon
                    tutschdamoon commented
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                    I thought the same with my AKAI Force. What a combo that would be.
                    It works with a cheap Behringer Mixer. It gives me 12 inputs on the Force. But I won’t cary that monster to a gig.
                    The BlueBox could be perfect for that.
                    I guess I have to continue dreaming.

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                  +1 game changer.


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                    The Akai MPC line is a very popular device that collectively sells many, many units. Upon the recent 2.10 firmware release, many online retailers saw an immediate surge in sales for multi-track digital mixers like the Zoom and Tascam variants. In all the MPC forums, there is high interest and buzz in acquiring a multitrack mixer.
                    With people’s studio and desk space being at a premium the BlueBox would, I believe, be a very popular option for this market and possibly lead to a tangible uptick in sales.
                    Just wondering what the nice folks at 1010 think about revisiting this feature? I would be singing the praises online if I could hook it up into my Force (assuming it gets the same update) and my iPad etc…


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                      Maybe it's time for a 3rd device using the same form factor, a 16-channel USB audio interface: The 1010Music Blondbox


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                        Myself, having spent $1100 on two 1010music products, wouldn’t mind if they added it as a feature of my BlueBox before moving on to a new product. I got to enjoy such an update in my now years old Elektron Digitakt and Digitone Keys, and have enjoyed many updates in my BlackBox, as well as many feature rich updates to my Akai Force.
                        Companies that stay with a product and continue to work on major improvements throughout its lifespan are the companies that I will stick with long term and will give thousands more of my dollars to, knowing I can trust them to give me the most bang for my buck.


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                          I am one of those MPC users that is eager to use USB audio with a multitrack digital mixer. Without having to buy the Zoom or Tascam, I am hoping this feature will be added to the BlueBox. Please consider this as a high priority requested feature as well as a smart business move. This feature would definitely peak a lot of interest for MPC and Maschine users. I am primarily a synth user and don't need all the mono mic inputs on most mixers like the L12 and Model 12. The main reasons I bought the BlueBox was because of it's portablility, effects and stereo inputs. Thanks for a great product but please make it even better with USB audio support.


                          • jayneural
                            jayneural commented
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                            I agree this is clearly becoming among the most requested features, and both M+ and MPC users are additional users for this type of product.

                            That would also bring the product and 1010music in the audio interfaces category as well and put it in direct competition with Zoom/Tascam/Roland.

                            I guess there is some huge work to do though, not just about adding the code but also optimizing it, making sure it doesn’t regress other features of the Bluebox, making sure it is stable and that the sound quality is good. After that, it needs documentation and providing support. So it’s not like just adding an FX or a button it’s a notable feature that requires investment from 1010music.

                            The good news is that the return on investment is very likely considering how well it will position the product, there’s clearly no competition in mixers of this size that can do that.
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                          • Steve
                            Steve commented
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                            jayneural Don't forget the constant struggle to maintain class-compliancy across (at least) two operating systems.

                          • jayneural
                            jayneural commented
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                            I guess maintaining the class compliance across OS’ must be something too.

                            I wonder if there could also be performance issues but I guess it’s hard to pre-evaluate. If 1010music was to start working on this feature, that can also be a concern for 1010music if many resources are spent and at the end the hardware limits make all this effort useless.

                            In worst case scenario of current hardware not handling this while providing the current feature set (recording on the sd, mixing applying FX etc), an intermediate way of doing it still bringing a lot of value would be to have a “audio/midi interface mode” during boot, a bit like an alternative firmware with dual boot. That way of doing it t would though not allow :
                            1. ability to record incoming audio of the computer into the sdcard
                            2. ability to record a project already in the sdcard into the computer.

                            Combining with USB file access support when in this mode would solve the 2nd feature loss by keeping the convenience of dragging the already recorded the tracks directly from the sdcard.

                            Also if in this mode the USB host port would just pass through everything to the USB device port (like if it was a hub).

                            At the end, in the eventuality the audio interface feature cannot handled while recording and mixing in the sd, it would still be very valuable to have a mixer device we can also use as a portable 12 channel audio interface. It would still add a major use case and bring the Bluebox into the compact audio interfaces with audio, Jack + USB host MIDI support.

                            I know that nothing is decided or being worked on yet, but if performance is one major concerns, maybe keeping in mind there still is this alternative path that can be taken could help in product/dev team taking the best decision.
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                          A very strong 'yes please!' from me for adding audio interface functionality to BlueBox, would be a game changer for my space-limited MPC-centric setup.


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                            I also bought the Bluebox in addition to my MPC + external Synth setup, because there was no other small mixer that would fit in my tourcase and i liked the extra features. Considering the new Update and possibilities, i'm not sure if i will sell the mixer and get a small audio interface with hopefully a lot of inputs. If there won't be an update with that feature, it's definitely the way to go for me, but if i know that somebody at 1010music is working on it, i'm prepared to wait...


                            • Steve
                              Steve commented
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                              We definitely hear this request - hard not to! We are not currently working on this.

                            • Nejben77
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                              This would be an amazing feature and allow me to multitrack alongside elektron devices which have overbridge directly in the the computer.