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Bluebox as a Audio Interface

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    Bluebox as an audio interface would be fantastic - just amazing!


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      Didn't check back on that topic for awhile but really happy to see that others would make great use of a class compliant BB too.

      The BB just crossed my mind again for an integration in my setup but I still have to wait for i guess...


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        If this would happen, I'm buying a bluebox without hesitation!

        And yes, I joined this forum only to make this post


        • Klaustrophil
          Klaustrophil commented
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          I'd suggest you buy the Bluebox anyway and a small 2 channel audio interface in addition

        • jayneural
          jayneural commented
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          If he does so, maybe he’ll start approaching the budget of a TX-6 though.

        • IAm5erious
          IAm5erious commented
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          A have a slightly more complicated usecase than just recording a stereo mix ;-) I'd need all inputs to be streamed into my computer post fader. Also I would need the ability to select my DAW as source for some of the mixer's channels.

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        This is the only missing feature that prevents me from pressing the buy button at Thomann.
        Please consider this feature request this would be the ultimate mixer with an iPad, MPC or Maschine+


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          Plus 1 here too. Or the feature to connect via usb to transfer the recordings.
          I'm an owner of Lemondrop and love how easy nice 1010 music gear are.
          For people that discussed the TX-6 that one does not record and is way too small.


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            Big plus one. Tx6 killer!