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more frexible mixer configuration (5 sreteo + 2 mono)

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  • more frexible mixer configuration (5 sreteo + 2 mono)

    Current mixer configuration:
    -4 Tracks (4 stereo)
    -6 Tracks (6 stereo)
    -8 Tracks (4 stereo + 4 mono)
    -10 Tracks (2 stereo + 8 mono)
    -12 Tracks (12 mono)

    My wish:
    -7 Tracks (5 stereo + 2 mono)
    -9 Tracks (3 stereo + 6 mono)
    -11 Tracks (1 stereo + 10 mono)
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    Hi There,

    I am not sure if I get the point from your post. As far as I know, any combination of stereo an mono tracks is possible:
    6s, 0m
    5s, 2m
    4s, 4m
    3s, 6m
    2s, 8m,
    1s, 10m
    0s, 12m

    So all of what you wish is already possible.

    The number of tracks that is displayed is more like optical cosmetics. Is it really important for you, that you can only see 7 (instead of 8 tracks) if you are only using 7? Does Track 8 bother you, if you choose to have a 5s/2m configuration?

    Dan Day


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      Hi There,

      one addition to my reply. I somehow got the feeling that you might think configurations are limited to the sample projects that come along with the device. It's not. These are just examples. You can (and should) do your individual configuration. Start on the Mix Page and press B select number of tracks that is nearest to what you wish (but not less). Then on the track page, press B and assign the inputs to the desired tracks. In your case one of the tracks will be unassigned (just ignore it).

      Dan Day


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        maybe I should have posted "Somebody, let me know how to LINK 2 mono channel AS stereo because I would like to control them by single MIDI CC"
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          Hi, I understand what you mean. It's solved. Thanks a lot!!