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Post Fader option for track muting (Record muted tracks)

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  • Post Fader option for track muting (Record muted tracks)

    Currently track recordings are done "post fader" which includes volume, panning, mute, solo and eq to be applied in the recording of the track. Please add an option to set this to "pre fader" (may be global for all tracks) which will then record the raw material coming from the plugs without volume, panning, mute, solo and eq applied to it (gain, however should be applied).

    Chhers Björn

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    +1 Being able to record a track just as it comes in is a very neat feature. Because it will preserve conditions when the recorded track is played back again. For instance if you use the eq on the incoming signal, it will still be recorded as it was before. Therefore playing it back with the (unchanged) eq setting it will sound the same (since the recorded signal is the same as the original).


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      I try to record tracks which are muted or set to zer0 volume int the main mix.But those record are always empty. My setup is;
      Main ->melody bus with bluebox compressor connected o external gerar. Signal comes back and that input is send to out2
      Out2 -> proecessed bass lines those are send to external compressor which sidechains drums and go into main mixer
      Cue -> drums which are sub mixed by external gear, This output is feed also into main mixer

      main mixers output is also fed back into bluebox for recording

      Of cause to make this work tracks which participate one of the busses have to be muted or volume zero to avoid feedback loops.

      Any idea how i can archive this setup while recording most of the inputs?

      There is already a similar question from me (topic )

      Created this with different topic to make the problem more obvious


      • Steve
        Steve commented
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        These requests should stay together or we will have a difficult time finding them. We read every post.

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      Hello Steve!

      The redirct is just fine. Just hoped that someone comes up with an idea - or points me out that I've overseen something obivous .

      So my current solution is:
      I reduced my setup to use only two sends. The Master and it's compressor is not used now. The Master audio is now rather useless as it's composed of all channels at high Volume.
      This way I loose Master effects but I'm able to record all channels and can maintain two busses.