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  • Pre Fader Recording

    If I record a Channel, but because I send it out to an external effects unit on out 2 and it's volume is turned down on the main because I only want to hear the wet signal for now, it does not record the dry signal. I would love to be able to record the dry signal, too. That would mean recording pre fader, with gainstaging with gain only or an additional parameter (rec volume on the rec page) would be awesome. I could decide the exact wet/dry level inside the daw afterwards.

    What do you guys think?

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    I agree - that would be a good option to have


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      To be more explicite, having the following options would be very welcome:
      • post-gain and pre-eq
      • post-eq and pre-fader
      • post fader (current behavior)
      This could be a general behavior (applies to all tracks), except for the Main Out record.

      For a multitrack recorder, these options seems like a "must have".


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        I just want to record my tracks and playback them as they were played when recording them (pre-EQ, pre-fader) so I can fine tune volumes and EQ without having to play all the external gear.


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          +1 and also consider pre mute button (may be included in pre fader). This is important if you route a signal through some external FX and return it through a different input. Then you might want to have only the wet signal in the mix, but simultaneously record the dry signal for later adjustments.

          Dan Day


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            Also, if the internal FX could be recorded as its own track independent of the main track, that would be immensely useful.


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              Yes please 1010! Pre-fader recording would help me a lot in my workflow. I use out2 as a drumbus for merging breaks from blackbox and other drum machines. Main out is for my synths. So the bluebox is like a submixer besides my main console, plugged into 4 channels.


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                I signed up to the forum literally to add a +1 to this! Having an option to switch pre-fader recording would be a godsend.