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Please let me play over a recorded track

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  • Please let me play over a recorded track

    Hi all,

    I have a synth hooked up to the BlueBox and I love being able to hit record at any time to capture moments of inspiration.

    However, when I hit play and the BlueBox plays the recording back, I REALLY want to be able to play over it, but the synth is muted during playback.

    It would be awesome to hit play and be able to noodle over the top of the recording. That would be extremely useful.

    I'm not asking for anything more than that really (not expecting looper functionality or anything fancy) - just don't mute the track inputs while playback is underway so I can keep playing.

    Many thanks,

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    Hi There,

    I just want to mention that I really love the ability of BlueBox to dynamically change configuration during a session. For Instance if I start a Session with 4 Stereo Inputs, and thus initially having 4 Tracks displayed accordingly.
    However, when it comes to a point that I have recorded something for the 4 Tracks, and I want to "overdub" something, I then just switch to a 6 Track view and assingn the Input (e.g 1) to Track 5.
    Then I can have the original Track 1 playing while "overdubbing" it on Track 5.

    This is of course no real overdubbing. But I see this somewhat as an advantage. It's like you mentioned more a moment of inspiration when I "play around". Thus being able to mix the "overdubbed" parts layer wise (they are not mixed but layered in different tracks). I can then decide the actual mix when I revise my inspirational session afterwards.

    Dan Day


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      Yes, this is definitely a must-have.


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        I'm bumping this. Honestly, I love the Bluebox but this is just such a frustrating omission.

        Surely I'm not the only person who wants to record a track, hit play, and then noodle over the top with the same instrument?

        It's a shame because it's getting in the way of my creativity, and, dare I say it, tempting me to go back ITB. And obviously that defeats the object of the Bluebox.


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          Assign that recording to a different track and then you're all set. This box can do 12 Channels!


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            As idylmind mentioned, assign the recording to another track - or change the input assignment as you go. The bluebox is a mixer first so it behaves the way a mixer would behave. The input monitoring logic is intentional - not an omission.


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              Thank you for your replies. I'll say again that I love the Bluebox, so I don't want to appear overly negative. It's just that I feel strongly about this particular issue, so please bear with me.

              Unfortunately I'm already using all 12 channels (I have 6 stereo synths connected). So I'd have to decide which synth to do without so I can play a recording and noodle over it with the same synth? Then when I'm done, I'd have to change it back again? It's a bit of a workflow killer to stop what I'm doing mid flow and start re-routing stuff with the Bluebox. It's setup exactly as I like it, and I don't generally mess with routing at all any more.

              From my perspective, I can record synth #1, hit play, and then play synths #2 to #6 over the top of it just fine. I just want to play one more!

              The Bluebox is primarily designed for hardware synths, right? At least, that's my understanding, and it's what lead me to the Bluebox in the first place. Assuming that's correct (I could be wrong), I'm struggling to think of a downside to having input monitoring enabled during playback. If you don't want to hear your synth, don't press the keys! OK, I realize it's not always that simple, but an option to let us choose would be very welcome indeed.

              Thank you for listening!


              • pro424
                pro424 commented
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                If you have six stereo synths connected it sounds like you are using six stereo tracks? In reality you actually have twelve stereo tracks available (though only six stereo inputs) so you still have the opportunity to reassign either the recording to a new track or simply assign the same inputs to a new track and achieve what you want.

              • Steve
                Steve commented
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                I hear you. But the input monitoring logic is pretty standard here. Can you point to a digital mixer+recorder that does this?

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              This seems like another case where you just need a DAW.