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    First post and first time 1010 product owner.
    First, Thank you 1010 for developing this unique concept for a mixer.
    'm sure there will be more updates along the way.
    Please correct me if PROJECT DELETE/CLEAR functionality has been added.
    I wanted to erase or delete some improvised test sessions from my first day of usage with Bluebox. There seems to be no erase /clear/delete/trash function for projects.

    Please add this basic functionality ASAP.

    Apologies if this has been addressed already

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    Waiting for this one over here too


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      You can delete the audio files from the EDIT > File menu. It is not the most convenient method, I understand. Currently, there is no Delete Project method but it has been requested. You'd be better finding that thread and upvoting. Starting a new thread only makes it harder for us to locate when we are looking. Thanks for posting.