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Recording FX retrurns + changing record mode to pre/post Fader/EQ

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  • Recording FX retrurns + changing record mode to pre/post Fader/EQ

    Im currently looking for ways to record the internal FX returns.
    Having the FX returns as seperate tracks (like the input tracks) with EQ and also FX send control (for feedback stuff for example) would be awesome! The Main channel would have the FX on it too then, but you could record all individual track + FX returns, an then adjust levels later in the daw. Even if this would sacrifice 2 stereo input tracks this would be very nice!

    I tried another workaround: if u use out 2 as your monitoring channel, use the out 2 SEND as a volume and leave the main volume down, you have the main out basicly as a FX return for both channels. but u loose the individual channels, as the recording is post fader, and the volume fader is down. For this to work, it could be useful to be able to change the point whrere the individual tracks are recorded. For example: post volume (default), post out 2, post cue, pre volume/post EQ, pre volume/pre EQ.

    I think the first Idea is the better one, but an option the change the recording point could be very usefull in other scenarios as well!

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    To record all individual track + FX returns would be really useful.

    Like @Galaxalex I've also tried work-arounds to achieve similar.
    But, it requires a lot of work and several recordings (and bounces) but still does not provide the desired end result.