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MIDI learning with the "switch" parameter. Use *any* key to switch mute/solo/out.

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  • MIDI learning with the "switch" parameter. Use *any* key to switch mute/solo/out.

    I use an external midi driver to control the Bluebox. There are many different drivers that differ in size and capabilities. Recently I purchased specifically for Bluebox Akai Midimix to have control over a lot of parameters. Unfortunately, unlike, for example, Nanocontrol2, mute buttons work only temporarily (that is, it works as it is pressed, but turns off when it is released - that is, not like a switch).

    My idea for the upgrade is that when using the "Learn" function, you can use the additional "switch" setting in the Bluebox. This would allow you to assign any button (including the keyboard to play!) to enable and disable parameters such as mute, solo, etc. The principle of operation is simple - if you press the key, regardless of whether it was released or not, the status will change to the opposite.

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    You will need to use the MIDImix software to configure those buttons as Toggle rather than Momentary.


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      Unfortunately, this does not work. In fact, this change in the case of Nanokontrol2 was possible, but in the case of Akai, this is another change and checked - it does not work. Here is the Configuration Screenshot - the option is "CC" and second is "Note" setting. I set two different settings and use it to learn it in Bluebox, but both works momentary.Click image for larger version  Name:	midimix.jpg Views:	4 Size:	169.2 KB ID:	24300
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        ... By the way, I came up with an additional setting for Midi Learn. It could learn two buttons simultaneously. That means that, for example, pressing "Bank Left" or "Bank Right" key and at the same time one KNOB A, it could be assigned to different function. For example, a nanoPontrol which has one Knob on a channel, and by pressing it at the same time with another turn, eg "<<" or ">>" key, could be assigned a different action. I am writing about it in the same thread, because it concerns the development of one function - Midi Learn. It could allow use any USB simple controller in *MUCH* more powerful way.

        In summary, please consider two Midi Learn improvements:
        1. ON / OFF Action whatever if it Toggle or Momentary (as option). This will allow to assign a really any CC, eg keyboard to play or other not reprogrammable button. You may connect regular midi keyboard to MIDI (to play sound) and USB (to Bluebox) and use one of predefined key - even lowest key on keyboard to mute/unmute track in bluebox.
        2. Possibility to create a combination of two different CC to one action, i.e. KEY A + KNOB A will change FX1, and the KEY B + KNOB A will change FX2. How powerfull nanokontrol2 could be!
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          From the MIDImix manual:
          • Note/CC (buttons only): The MIDImix buttons can be assigned to send Note on/off messages instead of CC messages. The difference here is that a cc message will send a value of zero when released, but a note message will send a full value of 127 when released. These functions are often referred to as Momentary or Toggle messages. A momentary message can be used to assign a button or function to turn on while the button is held down and off when released and a toggle message can be used to turn a function on with the first press and off with the second press. Some DAWs may respond differently to the release message sent by the button, so either CC or note messages can be used as momentary or toggle depending on how your software reacts.

          All MIDI assignments in the bluebox can be controlled from CC or Note data. And while their [Akai] workflow may not be the most convenient for you, it can work according to the manual. Thanks for the feedback and feature requests.


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            Thank you Steve. Before I published the post, I checked the manual and installed this software. As you can see on the screenshot, for one channel I did cc and for the other Note and then I assigned them to Bluebox to mute for two different channels. Both worked the same way - momentary.


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              I understand. Akai might be a better option to ask about the MIDImix implementation. It is a great little piece of gear but I can't offer much beyond the manual. I can tell you that - for sure - what you are trying to do is easily possible with the Novation LauncControl XL. I'm not trying to sell you gear but I do have one and it works as expected. Its driver software also has an explicit setting for momentary & toggle for buttons.

              And to be fair... The Novation is more in line with the MIDI spec.