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  • Mostly MIDI related wishes

    First off I just want to say how amazing Bluebox and Blackbox are. For such tiny things they're so well thought through. I swapped my MPC One for a Blackbox and Behringer XR18 for a Bluebox, and so far I'm not regretting it! That said, here are some things I think would be cool after a couple of days of intensively getting to know these wee boxes (in order of my personal preference!)
    • MIDI Thru - send incoming MIDI out the TRS port. I'm using a Launchcontrol XL with the Bluebox and would love to send it to the Blackbox so I can use another of the layers to control that, too!
    • Support for 44.1khz - my very extensive library of field recordings are nearly all 44.1. It'll be a pain to have to convert them all.
    • 2-way MIDI - again, with my Launchcontrol in the Device port, if the Bluebox sent MIDI back to it, the LEDs on the buttons (set to toggle mutes) would reflect the track status.
    • MIDI Pickup mode - to avoid parameter jumps when using common MIDI controls for different settings
    • Master volume control on Mixer page - ability to control master volume without switching to Main
    I've already +1'd other posts requesting splitting outputs for 6 mono outs, per channel compressors plus sidechain and EQ spectrum analyser, all of which trump the above tbh!

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    +1 to Midi pickup mode!

    I think MIDI thru is supposed to work, and should when the next update comes


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      Still no midi thru :-(


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        2-way midi + midi pickup mode!!!