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Hide channels used for aux/cue returns

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  • Hide channels used for aux/cue returns

    New user here, really like the Bluebox so far, and I hope this isn't a case of rtfm. But if it isn't, here's a suggestion for the screen view of the return channels.

    So I've got two outboard stereo effects, that I use the aux and cue for. I use two channels for each effect since they're stereo, so I've got 8 mono channels left to play with. Since I don't want adjust gain or volume for the aux and cue once they're set up, it would be great if it could be possible to "hide" the channels that I use for for them somehow, so the channel view gets less crowded and have some more space for the other channels on the screen.

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    Good idea; I do exactly the same (stereo sends on Aux and Cue, with two stereo returns coming in 5LR & 6LR) and don't need to see the return channels. The extra screen space would be helpful!


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      And with the new firmware an option for hiding them would be even more helpful!

      I now use three stereo returns for 4,5 & 6LR, that’s a lot of space-stealing return channels. So it would make the touchscreen a lot more usable and less fiddly on many of the control modes.


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        That is a good suggestion +1 --- although I am not there yet in my usage, I do posses stereo effects that I'll surely want to incorporate.