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  • Open source parts of firmware / SDK

    Looking at all the features suggestions here, I just thought that maybe opening (parts of) the firmware source code to let contributors submit enhancements would be an interesting idea.
    I love my BB as it is, but like others I see so much potential for improvements as the hardware format is such perfect for a mixer! Being a software engineer I would love to help implement some smaller-but-helpful features like visualization, new effects and such.

    I get that not everyone would be able to contribute highly optimized DSP code, but I'm sure it would still add a lot of value to the box (looking at NTS1).

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    Yes, I'm a software engineer too, and would love to tweak some code and maybe submit some fixes/enhancements for consideration by 1010.


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      It would be interesting to open :
      - a hook to PAD types, so that one can make his own sample or synth based pad type
      - FX slots to accept custom FX

      That would be a similar approach to Korg's Prologue/Minilogue XD/NTS-1 synth and FX modules ecosystem.


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        I'd love to get my hands on some of the UI code. Maybe try a few things and submit some tweaks here and there. It's what I do for a living with some popular DAW software.
        Please consider it, 1010


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          I'd happily contribute. Anyone have insight on the platform/toolchain?


          • jayneural
            jayneural commented
            Editing a comment
            There is currently a job posting for a developer in 1010music forum that tells us a bit about the type of the development type (C for ARM architecture).