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Clip Mode with Quantization, Sync and Timestretching

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  • Clip Mode with Quantization, Sync and Timestretching

    Hi all, received my bluebox just this week. This is my first piece of gear from 1010 and I must tip my hat to them, i think this could revolutionize making music with hardware and i am excited to join this community so (hopefully) early in its journey.

    One thing i was half-expecting but could not find enough info on before i purchased was that stems would be synced somehow to the tempo during playback. From what i can tell using 1.12 so far, this is not the case and stems are fixed at their recorded BPM and don't sync with the tempo (if the bluebox is the MIDI slave with its clock driven externally). For example, this means if i recorded a stem onto Track 1 at 120 BPM and am monitoring a live instrument on Track 2, if i change the live instrument's tempo (to which the bluebox is synced) to say 125 BPM, the played back stem on Track 1 (still at 120BPM) and the live sound on Track 2 (now at the new tempo) will go out of sync. This also limits the use value of any hypothetical looping. Please correct me if i am wrong or if someone has brought this up elsewhere on the forum

    I don't own a blackbox but I understand its 'Clip Mode' allows for adding warp markers to a clip similar to how Ableton allows for warping clips via markers on transients, and these respond to changes in tempo by timestretching the sample. This would be a great addition to the Bluebox and really unlock its DAW-like potential.

    Not a dealbreaker for me but I think this would be a fantastic way forward for the bluebox. I can imagine using long clips like vocal acapellas or recordings of gear i could not carry with me and then use these clips during a performance and be able to change the tempo on the fly while all my clips are perfectly in synch with my live instruments. Using clips for playback of stems would become a major feature.This could even be very helpful if and when a looper is added, allowing for loops to be stretched and manipulated according to the tempo.

    Hope to hear your guys' thoughts. Thanks

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    Thanks for the post. Welcome.

    The issue of recorded tracks at different BPM not being in sync is known (at least to 'us') but maybe not widely mentioned on the forum.

    The bluebox functionality overlaps with DAWs and the blackbox in some ways. However, we are not trying to replace DAWs or the blackbox with the bluebox. Given our history, it is reasonable to think that we will continue to add value and functionality to the bluebox. Others have requested some type of loop points and other timeline features. We do read and consider all of the requests.


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      Thanks Steve! Good to hear that this is at least in consideration. I understand that it's not widely talked about on the forums (yet). I expect that after the bluebox gets the significant attention it deserves and people realise what it's capable of, there will be many hankering for this level of multi-functionality and performativity (even a word?).

      I wonder however if what may be stopping it from going mainstream is that its pitch is still very niche- and many don't want to buy into the whole early adopter thing just yet.

      Maybe one day it will be that multitool mixer/recorder/lFX box/looper/DJ console it is crying out to be, but which should come first- the capabilities and subsequent marketing or the audience that wants it to grow and are prepared to commit? This thing may one day compete with a lot of things simultaneously which can only be a good thing- I hope that (i think misplaced) fear over cannibalising the blackbox doesn't pigeonhole it.


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        I’m not sure it’s crying to be those particular things! We are still working on it. I would expect more good stuff.