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EQ, B-button for previous Band + Type-lock

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  • EQ, B-button for previous Band + Type-lock

    The EQ on the Bluebox is really nice. I like how easy it is to use. But! Wouldn't it be even better if you could use the B-button to step back to the previous Band..?
    Sometimes, when stepping through the Bands with the A-button, I accidentally skip the Band i want to adjust. Then I need to continue stepping through until I come back at the one I wanted..

    Another nice thing with the EQ would be if you could somehow lock the Band-type. When in a stressed live-situation, an accidental change from a Hi-pass filter at 350hz to a bell would not be the best thing.. It has happened that my brain wanted to turn that knob, thinking it was the Freq-knob... Kaos!

    So, to make use of the B-button. Like the A-button but reverse. And a way to lock the filter types.

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    I requested similar eq behavior a while back, here’s hoping it gets implemented because like you say, sweeping through the band types is sketchy in a live situation.


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      B-button back functionality would be great! I often just want to switch from a hi-pass to lo-pass filter. I've gotten pretty used to hitting A 3x but it's not ideal.

      Another option would be if you could somehow turn off bands completely so they didn't show up when cycling through.