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  • Convert to mp3/acc

    This is very simple request to describe. It could be great if BB may convert wav files into mp3/acc. Not as real time option, just in project options could be optional "convert wav files to mp3" and then remove wav files. 3 hours ans 10 minutes of wav files for every channel is about 24 GB. It could allow save space before recordings will be movied to computer.

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    In my opinion, 3 hours is too much of this process. You have to have a very bad computer or internet if it takes so much to convert a video to mp3, even if it weights 24gb. I've been converting 20gb in just 10 minutes, the difference is huge. Imagine how much more time I am saving. I download videos from YouTube using an online converter, and it also gives you the option to convert the video to mp3 if you want, which is great, in case that you only want the music.
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      If you are doing multiple 3-hour takes, I would encourage you to thin those takes (EDIT > B) before saving and removing the microSD card. There is software that can handle this as a batch - Adobe Media Encoder works well for this. You could also do this in Logic. Export all tracks as audio files - set the desired resolution. I do this often.

      In terms of the conversion, the amount of time it takes is the amount of time it takes. There is no indication that the bluebox would be faster - or a better solution.