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FX for performance and sound design

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  • FX for performance and sound design

    Hi! First post here. The Bluebox is a thing of magic, my gratitude to the 1010music team for pulling this off.

    This device seems to be made for performers- yet the performance FX are limited. The delay and reverb are fun to play when mapped by MIDI but I would love to see some beat repeat (don't really need a dedicated looper but some note repeat stuff a la Ableton / Arturia Drumbrute)

    Apart from the utility it delivers, I think some simple FX like some stereo chorus for widening, distortion and on/off per track compressors would be amazing. Would save me the money I would spend on an external FX unit like a poly effects box

    Looking forward to see how the bluebox roadmap pans out. Thank you!

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    +1, especially on the distortion/saturation and compressor.


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      +1 digital distortion would be cool indeed


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        Hopefully the nanobox FXs are on their way to being ported to the bluebox, that would be amazing


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          I'm in for the chorus for widening, distortion/saturation and compressors per track and DJ style filter please