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DJ mode - ab crossfader

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  • DJ mode - ab crossfader

    I tried my first gig with BB. so nice and compact but to jum between the modes of cue and master is no fun.
    So a DJ mode would be super helpful to hear how it mix before i set a crossfader to the middle. with the additional Cue-Master knob

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    Supporting that! Maybe this is not so high effort, would make the bb even more handy as on the road setup!


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      The only way I see this technically happening without compromising performance is if there was a sort of x-fade state triggered by going into the preset browser, during which the Bb would automatically resample the last bars of the current project and played this as a loop while choosing and X-fading to the next preset.

      This way it would use only the equivalent of one sample slot in terms of cpu usage. I guess it could be made possible this way.