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Capping Midi Controller Controls

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  • Capping Midi Controller Controls

    I think one of the great features of the bliuebox is being able to add a midi controller to fix the lack of physical controls. But unfortunately, a lot of midi controllers that are made for DAWs, likde the Novation Launch Control, have faders, that send signals that go up to loudness of +12db instead of stopping at 0db for the main output, like the faders for output 2 & 3 do. It would be nice to have an option in the menus to cap out the fader level for the main output at 0db, as this makes performing much easier because one could just push the fader all the way up without having to take a look at the screen to prevent to loud outputs.
    I am aware that some midi controllers do have this option (if anyone knows how to do it on the launch Control XL by Novation, I would be happy to hear about it), but an option like that could make the workflow in live situations much easier.

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    Not the most elegant solution, but a bit of tape/card taped over the top range of the slider track at the point you want to stop is what I used to do on an analogue desk...


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    If anyone is still interested: For the Launch Control XL, there is a webbrowser-editor, which allows for minimum and Maximum Values for the different faders and allows you to set the buttons momentarily. I'd say for me, with this adjustment, the Launch Control XL is the perfect controller, now that I can rip the faders up for transitions.