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Haas stereo spread on mono inputs

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  • Haas stereo spread on mono inputs

    I have recently discovered Haas stereo spread on my Zoia Euroburo and it is an incredible simple way to put some more stereo life into a mono synth..
    I would love to have this as an option on my bluebox with adjustable delay time..

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    Could you please describe what it does?


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      I wouldn't call myself an audio or DSP expert, but in its essence the Haas effect seems extremely simple. As I understand it, the Haas effect simply takes in a mono signal and spits out a stereo signal where one of the sides is delayed by 2-50ms.

      On the Zoia/Euroburo you only get to adjust the delay time, but if my assumption is correct (that it simply delays one side of the stereo output) -then I think it would be nice to also get the option of choosing which side to delay. (It makes sense that they didn't bother with implementing this option on Zoia since you can easily route the outputs to opposite sides if so desired...)

      This guy explains a little about it, although he doesn't demonstrate it in this video
      (He also talks about the other stereo effect that Zoia has which is "Mid-Side", I don't really understand this effect though and have yet to experiment with it.)

      There is also a wikipedia about the Haas effect.


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        Thanks for the links. They were helpful.