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MIDI learn - combine two CC values into another - like SHIFT+knob

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  • MIDI learn - combine two CC values into another - like SHIFT+knob

    I'm big fan of BB and use it for every jam. It's very important to me to have smallest as possible setup. I have few midi controllers, but none of them are perfect. For many reasons (small, compact, light) i use Nanokontrol2. It have only one bad side - just two controllers per track - knob + slider. The same time there are few buttons i almost never use - mute/solo/record.

    My dream for BB is if we could combine two controllers (one static button and one variable knob/slider) into one, another controller. In that case we could set:
    KNOB1 - cutoff
    MUTE1+KNOB1 - resonance
    SLIDER1 - volume
    MUTE1+SLIDER1 - gain
    SOLO1+SLIDER1 - OUT2 volume

    It will require to implement additional LEARN option (for example hold learn button longer to set COMBINED LEARN option). In that case Learn option will wait for TWO cc values, which one is changing like 0-1 (just two values button, it may be momentary/toggle) and second, which will change during learning. Sounds complicated, but it's just like in computer keyboard - just use ALT/SHIFT/CTRL to change another key reaction.

    It could be used with any midi controller and allow to *MUCH* more possibilities, especial for small, portable setups.

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    Thanks for the post. I can see the usefulness of this.


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      Yup, +1 for this feature. My favourite MIDI programming is in Algoriddim DJay Pro, with SHIFT button allocation, multiple functions per CC/Note and adjustable lower/upper limits (normally 0-127), as well as MIDI LED feedback for external controllers, and adjustments to endless encoder turning rates. Probably more but I forget. Really well thought out but they never made a manual for it.
      Sorry if in wrong section, second ever post...