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EQ configuration - fade in/out response time

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  • EQ configuration - fade in/out response time

    While I'm using nanoKontrol2 for BB i try to use all buttons for any interesting effect. One of them is use < and > buttons to set predefined EQ value for main output. This is great for dynamic, momentary high-pass or cut off effect (i recommend to experiment, it's still a lot of possibilities for single buttons).
    When EQ goes from 0 to for example 110 then it change almost the same time, but when it back to 0 then it's slower, with fading out effect. I understand it - it's smoothing option and for manually moving knobs it's ok.

    My request is to add configuration of "fade in" and "fade out" response time for EQ. This will allow smooth change between different values - or allow to change it without fade out effect. Very long change time will be good for ambients, short for techno etc.