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EQ control paradigm and default parameters

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  • EQ control paradigm and default parameters

    I find the eq not to be the most user friendly as it is atm, i'm always a bit confused and it takes more time than it should for me to tweak the gain once freq, q and type are set.

    What about changing the control paradigm and have rotary knobs control each one eq point, + and let user switch through parameters with A button (gain,freq, q, type).

    This means each rotary is paired with its own eq point forever and muscle memory is at better use.
    With gain being the default parameter on eq page, it would be much closer to a real mixer layout and behaviour, as gain is the most frequently modified value once the rest has been set.

    little nice to have, but not crazy important, especially if what's described above is implemented : Why not activate all 4 EQ points by default (eg. in low cut for 1 and parametric for 2, 3, 4)
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    Great suggestions. Thanks


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      What about the B button to cycle back in the options too? It's completely unused in this mode right now.


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        Great idea! The current view is not intuitive for touch or four knobs operation. Tweaking EQ in live situation is impossible and quite scary tbh, especially when scrolling through the filter types.

        At least to offer an option of "analog mixer" view with knobs instead of the graph.

        4 knobs - 4 bands or 4 Knobs per band.


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          Super suggestins!


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            This is a great suggestion, it would be great to have EQ parameters assignable to Midi CC mapping.