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Fix loud click on startup

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  • Fix loud click on startup

    There's a really loud click sound when starting up my Bluebox, which means I can't wear my headphones when switching it on.

    I could just take out my headphones, but sometimes I forget and it hurts my ears, so it would be really nice if it was possible to do something about that.

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    Change the charger or use POWER BANKS don't use pc USB


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      I don't, I'm using the power supply that came with Bluebox.


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        +1, same here, very loud. It'd be great if it could be fixed. It's a brand new Bluebox (arrived today), used only with its included adapter, so I don't think it has to do on how it's powered.


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          Here's a video of the issue:
          It may not be clear the volume of it, in the video, but I used some small earphones and the click is clearly audible meters away from them. It happens independently from startup track volumes, plugged-in inputs, and power supply (it happens with all volumes to zero, no input, and also with the included power supply and cable). First time it booted while I was wearing headphones, I was afraid membranes had ruptured.