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Full wet in 2.0.6?

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  • Full wet in 2.0.6?

    Hi. I'm a bit confused, I was hoping to use the fxbox on a send/return, so I need 100% wet coming back, but now with this update there are two chains, using all 4 outputs, and no ability to get 100% wet... is that correct or am I missing a setting somewhere? Thanks!

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    What effects are you having trouble with? With things like Delay and Reverb you have to set "Trigger:" to ON so it's constantly activated and set the "Amount" to 100%


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      ok thanks. Seems like I'm still hearing some dry even at 100%. I'll try some more extreme settings. I did like the idea of having the FX outs being 100% and then a mixed effect output- is that something that's still an option, or are the fx outs only used by chain B now?


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        The manual says the wet reverb is available via FX1 and FX2.... as mentioned above, it's not completely wet.... there is still dry signal coming through.

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