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Want to trigger on/off some effects via midi (toggle)

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  • Want to trigger on/off some effects via midi (toggle)

    hi, I want to send a CC or note on, to an fx and have it stay on until note off or CC, is this possible and how?

    Thanks for your kind help

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    Have you tried the method described in the user manual on pages 4 and 5? There are both MIDI and CV ways to do this described there. The manual includes the mapping of cells to MIDI notes on channel 10.

    here’s a link to the manual:


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      Thanks for the reply, will try it tonight.

      Is the FXBox restricted to midi channel 10? And why ?

      Most humans on this planet agree that midi channel 10 is typically reserved for drums. So having FXBox limited to channel 10 forces us to re-assign all other midi drums to something non-standard.

      Assigning a global midi channel is kinda basic midi stuff and I’m shocked that a product so advanced technologically would choose not to have this.

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        Hi Orbiter,
        i believe it is limited to channel 10. Aaron will have to explain his reasoning. He is on his way back from Superbooth in Berlin today, so it will take a little longer for him to reply. Thanks for your patience.


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          Thanks for all your help Christine (and your patience with me)

          how can I delete my other (same) post here?


          • Christine
            Christine commented
            Editing a comment
            If you click on Edit in the line at the bottom right of the post, there will be an option to delete.

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          Thanks for asking.

          I don't have a good reason for you regarding channel 10. I agree that being able to change it is an important feature. It is on our todo list.


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            Aaron I do want to thank you for all the efforts in maintaining all this. I understand how demanding all this must be and hope to shake your hand someday.

            BTW Christine is awesome! Time for a raise...


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              You’re too kind. Glad to help.