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Fxbox strange behavior

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  • billionerds
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    Fxbox strange behavior

    Hi there. I have been a fxbox user for the last year and a half (bought 07.03.2020 from The problems started right away, but they were different - overheating (solved with firmware), and also I hear strange clicks when pressing the knobs of parameters, when turning everything is fine.
    Now the knobs problem (I'm not sure what the problem is) has increased, now the sound periodically disappears, distorts and changes itself, without overheating or any influence. For a very short time the problem is solved by pressing one of the knobs (random) sometimes it helps to push the screen a bit.
    I have 5 different modular houses, I have tried putting the module in each one and the problem comes back every time. Can you please tell me what can be done? I can not buy a new module in Russia or on thomann, and would not want to. Is it possible to fix my problem maybe some diy method? What is the problem? Thanks
    can't add video in attach, link for video in dropbox