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fxbox adds an audible delay to the audio

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  • fxbox adds an audible delay to the audio

    My setup:

    Drum machine with kicks on 1/4 -> main mixer -> aux send -> modular preamp -> fxbox -> modular submixer -> main mixer

    The kick is sent to the fxbox via aux as well as directly to the main output of the mixer.

    With an empty preset, the fxbox adds a clearly audible delay in the chain.

    Is this by design?

    Edit: And yes, if I'm routing the signal thru another module instead of the fxbox there's no audible delay. I tried it with two other DSP based effects.

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    It depends what you mean by audible. I would not be surprised by a 5ms delay. More than that and something else is happening. Please let us know.


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      Kick with 126 BPM dry/wet:


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        Thanks for the file. Yes, you can hear something. And, any time you combine two signals after one of them goes through an A->D->A conversion, you are bound to hear some kind of flamming or flanging. If you don't route the dry signal to the mixer does the small amount of delay present a problem? Can you compensate for it by playing the kick just a tiny bit early?