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fxbox overheating

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  • fxbox overheating

    hello everyone,

    today I tried the fxbox firmware (2.0.3) for the first time and it looks like the unit was overheating.
    everything worked, but after 15 or 20min the screen started to scintillate, then I realized my whole rack was very hot, so I turned it off to let it cool down, then I tried again without any cable between modules, and it happened again... I've got a RackBrute 3U with 6 modules and the fxbox was clearly the hottest one. this happened twice on a blank preset, I was just trying the effects one by one, the CPU was running at 10%.

    I'm using the bitbox firmware a lot, also the synthbox sometimes, but never had this issue.
    I'm in south France, actually we are in a heat wave, I've got near 30°c inside, is it too high for the module ?
    am I the first one experiencing this..?

    thanks ✌︎

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    Please upgrade to fxbox 2.0.5 there is a screen and heat related fix that will probably help.


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      my bad I didn't see the "Firmware Downloads" section, i thought 2.0.3 was the last one, I'll try the 2.0.5 thanks for your answer. ✌︎