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  • Preset Sequencer

    It might be cool if we can create sequences of presets as well and move through them with gates.

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    Thanks for the input. Which signal would you use to trigger the advancement? For now, if you named your sequences in a way that put them together in alphabetical order, you could manually step through them using the plus and minus icons on either side of the preset name.


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      HI Christine,

      Apologies for the late reply. So I think with preset sequencing this could be mostly done with the other wishlist item I opened about just advancing them per gate. I think any trigger or gate 3v or higher (going from the doepfer spec on clock/trigger voltages) to just move upward through the list. From the panel though I don't know how this would be accomplished without sacrificing 1 or 2 cells, one for the advance trigger and one for a reset to start back at the beginning of the presets.

      A cool use case might be to advance the FX sequencer gate an incoming gate signal. This would be in addition to keeping the effects synchronized via a clock, but this could result in some great sequencing for example if a modulation sequence or stage ends most modulation sources have a EOR or EOF gate that is sent out...that could cause the effect to move to the next step etc. I kind of do a similar thing now with EOC gates where the function modulates some kind of effect and then triggers some event when it is complete. With the FX Box you could setup your FX presets so that after one set is done being modulated, the gate advances it to the next "scene"


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        The feature set for fxbox 2.0 is locked down now. But we can keep this in mind in the future.

        If you are only using a few effects, you could possibly have one "Scene" in one row, and another "scene" in another row. Then you could set the trigger for the effects to Gate, and use a different gate signal to each row to trigger the effects in that row. With fxbox 2.0, you can now have two or more instances of most effects (you can only have one reverb due to CPU intensity). So you could have different filters or Pans set up in each row. This certainly wouldn't be as powerful as the preset sequencing, but perhaps it could get you part of the way there.