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Modulation of parameters using MIDI CC

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  • Modulation of parameters using MIDI CC

    Make some (Maybe 20?) MIDI CCs a selectable source for parameter modulation. Maybe even both is possible?

    Maybe the UI could be splittet up so that the top left quadrant is CV and the bottom left quadrant is MIDI to prevent long scrolling. (Even when the options are exclusive, this would be more more user friendly)

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    There are over 50 defined MIDI CCs. Here's a list I found online:

    Could you narrow down your request to a few specific CCs that you think would be useful? We already support a few of them that we thought would be useful.


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      Originally posted by Christine View Post
      We already support a few of them that we thought would be useful.
      This sounds interesting because there's no information about it available in the current documentation. Can you elaborate on that?

      My idea was that the CC number doesn't really matter. In my scenario, the fxbox has a dedicated MIDI channel and takes input from some CCs as data source for assignable modulation, just like CV.

      Another thing which came to my mind is that 7 bit resolution might be a bit low for some parameters. Using NRPN could mitigate that. When NRPN is not feasible for some people they could stick to the MSB to archive 7 bit resolution.


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        Oops. I forgot to check which module you were discussing. The FX box only allows CV modulation sources. We support MIDI modulation sources on other modules. I will log this as a feature request.