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Give the encoders in the main view a new purpose

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  • Give the encoders in the main view a new purpose

    At the moment, all 4 encoders can be used to scroll through the grid in the main view. This looks like a waste of space. Personally, I don't even use this scroll feature since the touch screen is more accessible. But I can understand that some people need a way to select an effect without triggering it.

    Why don't give at least two (Or even 4 and make the behavior configurable) of the encoders another purpose? For new functionality I have the following ideas:
    • Make it a source for effect modulation
    • Let it trigger random effects for a random duration each as long as it is turned
    • Make it a control to switch between grid A and B
    Other creative ideas welcome.

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    This is very high on my wish list too!


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      <joke> I will use the encoder to randomly choose which version to implement. :-) </joke>

      We have tossed around the idea of using the encoders as modulation sources. We will keep that in mind for the future.