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Troubleshooting - Power Issues

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  • Troubleshooting - Power Issues

    USB Cable, USB Battery and USB Power Adapters
    Not all USB cables, USB batteries and USB Power adapters are created equally. Many look similar but you must verify that the cable, and battery or power adapter are able to deliver at least 2A @ 5V. Be careful when using inline switches, extension cables, and USB data cables. Under-powering our devices can cause mayhem of many types! The best first step is to use the cable and adapter supplied by us. If you cannot locate it or it is damaged, we also recommend the DJ Tech Tools Chroma Cable (available on our website) as a suitable replacement.

    MIDI Device Port Connections
    The MIDI Device port will power ‘Low-Power MIDI Devices’ per the MIDI spec. Some controllers draw too much power from this port and the result can be
    flickering, crashing, and other strange behavior. Try powering your MIDI controller separately.