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Troubleshooting - Dropouts and Audio Quality

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  • Troubleshooting - Dropouts and Audio Quality


    Check the polyphony setting for each of your pads. Our samplers (blackbox, bitbox mk1, mk2, & micro) feature polyphony options from mono to unlimited. Unless you are playing chordal bass guitar, you likely do not need unlimited polyphony!

    High-Q Mode

    If you hear aliasing during playback of your WAV file, enable HighQ mode. HighQ mode has a higher draw on the processor, so it is
    recommended that you use Normal mode unless you are having issues.

    To enable High Q mode, go to the Conf tab of the pad parameters screen. Scroll down to the Interp parameter and set the value to High Q.

    Audio Rate

    Verify the bit depth and sample rate of your wav files are 24 bit/48kHz. Yes, our samplers can playback any combination. However, the DAC is 24/48 so you are
    asking the CPU to do extra work when you use files with a different bit depth or sample rate.


    How much FX are you using? Reverb, in particular has a heavy impact on the CPU. Can you dial back or remove completely? Can you add FX externally? Can you resample the tracks including FX? Use the pad-level filter sparingly.

    Sample Modes

    Which Sample Modes are you using? (Sample, Clip, Slicer, Granular). We love to push limits. – but 16 granular pads will kill any device!