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    Hi! I´m looking for a module that is flexible to use in therms of content for my lasers. What I can´t really see from the user videos etc. is how flex the laserbox is as a live instrument - how flex is the content management / choosing files for live performance, when using a bank of Wav files (5 channel audio), for instance. Do I scroll through menus with the pot, do I pick a file on touch screen, does it start immediately, is there a fade/morph, etc. etc.

    I record lots of ILDA laser output by using Laseranimation Sollinger´s ILDA2AVG interfaces. Then I can record any laser cues as audio straight into my laptop via network/AVB. Recording in Motu, Reaper or Ableton, easy as 1-2-3.

    So I want to be able to use the Laserbox as a sampler and instrument for playing back these cues/5 channel Wavs. And can´t see how flex the interface is. Any info is most welcome!

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    Thanks for asking.

    Laserbox is ideal for playing long, 5-channel WAV files. We have some customers using it for museum installations this way. You can have it power up and start playing almost immediately, without user intervention.

    When switching between presets, there will be a brief pause, about half a second in length. This make rapid fire switching of presets less than ideal. We do have customers who use the laserbox to play a different WAV file or preset to play a show to go with a live act. They switch presets for each new song and that is OK.

    Let us know if this does not help.