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The software that export laser wav file?

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  • The software that export laser wav file?

    I've seen you guys generating 1010 music characters using Laserbox, just wondering which software could export the bitmap picture or text file into Laserbox recognized wav file?


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    I'm afraid there is no easy answer here. We commissioned the 1010music laser show from a laser artist. He used a computer to generate the text, ran it through an analog synthesizer to bring it to life, and then sampled the results with a computer using a 5 channel audio interface.


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      You could use Laserboy It's free but not very simple to use. You can ask help on the laserboy forum


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        +1 n Laserboy. Also, Laseranimation Sollinger have made this ILDA to AVB thing, so that if you create some content in laser software, and thereĀ“s many nice ones, then output ILDA from that to an ILDA DB25 connector one a laser DAC - then the ILDA2AVB will convert that to multichannel sound via network.
        On mac you plug in the network cable and hit record, and you have clean laser image files - made in vector software, output through USB or ethernet, converted to Analog voltage, converted to network Audio Video Bridge, sampled by core audio to Wav files. To be exported to your audio player/laser box for outputting CV, via DB25, probably to a network protocol, back to ILDA, to diodes and galvanometers, to the mesmerized eyes of the spectactors.

        Pretty awesome!