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    I've just purchased a Toolbox which is working excellently as far as I can tell. I have tried the Laserbox firmware but have no examples appearing on my screen. All I have is the info in the cells but no images appear at all. What am I supposed to plug into the inputs, CV or Audio? How do I generate an image? It seems pretty complicated at this point.

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    Try loading the sample presets. The very first on relies on live X/Y input. The others are free running. Let me know if this does not help.


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      Thanks for the help Aaron. That's all I've tried are the presets and I still haven't seen an actual graphic on the screen. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. Do I need to plug a CV or audio signal to the inputs?


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        Only the first preset requires any external input. Starting from the second preset you should see something. Have you tried the new firmware?


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          You sir are correct. I needed to update the firmware. It seems to be working ok now. I'm gonna have to get a synthbox so I can get the series one modules. Great work.