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    some feature I think would be nice to have in the fantastic laser box:

    - separate RGB channels control + external modulation
    - overall brightness control + external modulation
    - seamless 360 degree rotation with internal oscillator

    best regards


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    Thanks for your contribution. I appreciate it.


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      Thanks we've logged your request in our tracking system.


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        I'm not sure if you prioritize features by number of requests, votes, or forum likes, but +1 for individual RGB control and the ability to assign external modulation inputs to each destination.

        If it would be possible to discrete RGB modulation sources, would it also be possible to add a 5-channel wav recorder like Toolbox, but also recording CV Mod Inputs? My workaround plan was to capture good X/Y patterns from external oscillators/FGs to a Toolbox and migrate the WAV files over, but it would be nice to do it in one box, even if it's only 2 channels at a time. Maybe overdubbing to tracks 3-5 for RGB? I'm wondering if any code from the Toolbox or Bitbox might be reusable here, if space allows.
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          Thanks for all the suggestions and contributions here on the forums. There is no single formula for determining what gets implemented next. Factors include: how popular the request is here on the forums. How much time and resources would it take to implement. How it fits (or doesn't) with our vision for the product. And lastly, what else we have competing for our attention. Starting a suggestion here and then seeing how many people chime in with their support is a great start.