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MX-M (MIDI Merger)

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  • MX-M (MIDI Merger)

    Since bitbox can now have a different MIDI channel assigned to each of the cells, it would make sense to have a way to merge MIDI signals from several different sequencers and/or controllers into a single MIDI path. For instance, if you had 2 x toolboxes, you could use the gate sequencers to control the bottom 2 rows of cells like a drum machine, and the note sequencers for melodic instruments in the top 2 rows of cells. MIDI mergers are a little more complicated than splitters, but it would be a great utility module to have in the range!

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    Great. Thanks for your nice post


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      Just logged in to check if this was recommended. An MX-M that combined 2 inputs and then buffers a few outputs would be amazing. I'd love to combine midi from my Vector sequencer (controlling drum hits) with a MIDI cc slider module for parameter changes.