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MX4 with USB

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  • MX4 with USB

    The more I watch videos of the Roli Seaboard, the more I want to get one.... I think this would be a perfect match, controller wise.

    I'm just wondering if a future version of the MX4 could include a USB-C port to connect directly to these without having to run software, etc?

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    Look into a expert sleepers fh-1 and fhx-1. They can do this (I use it for the same purpose) and the benefit is you have CV control and can use it with all of your modular.


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      Cool, thanks for the info!


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          Things change so quickly in the tech space that even professionals sometimes find themselves stymied by the incessant and confusing terminology surrounding certain protocols (like the ones we're going to discuss today - Thunderbolt and USB). I remember the days of 8-track tapes, but I also remember when tapes were surpassed by CDs, and CDs were surpassed by MP3s, and now how MP3s are being taken over by streaming music sources. Thinking back on those days, I was constantly barraged by new terms every day that made it difficult to slog through the buzzwords: single- and double-layer CDs, WAVs, AAC, OGG, and MP3s. I longed for the days when I recorded music to a cassette from my boombox (from AM radio stations, no less) and had to manually rewind it with a pencil stuck through the tape spool.
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