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  • Wavetable Editor?

    I'm not enough of a mathlete to sort out setting up wavetables from specs, but I've followed directions and been able to use kterm to build them for a blofeld (a real pain)and I've used wavedit for a few different things. Is there a go-to software for making fireball compatable wavetables?

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    The best option we have seen is the audio plugin Serum by Xfer Records. It's a fantastic VST synth that can also do wavetable editing.

    Another great resource is Galbanum. They sell a huge collection of wavetables.


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      I recently found this. It's a great tool for creating custom waveforms though it does not offer editing of existing wavetables.


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        Here is another


        • peanutbuttersolution
          peanutbuttersolution commented
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          This is linked with the free waveedit software I already use. Does this mean that the tables waveedit makes are compatible? I currently use it to make wavetables for my quad drum and qu-bit chord in my modular system.

          I have to admit I'm a little confused now, because it was my understanding that serum and waveedit aren't 100% compatible, but I could be wrong.

          My curiosity stems from hoping there's an easy and free way to create my own wavetables to load.

        • Steve
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          I am just sharing another resource for wavetables. No official sponsorship, etc from us. You will likely need to edit the tables in this collection if you want accurate tracking, etc.

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        Hi, I am a total newbie to this topic. So I have to start my question on wavetables from scratch