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Reorganizing the wavetable names

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  • Reorganizing the wavetable names

    Now that I've gotten a feel for this device, I have to say I really like it. The interface is nice and intuitive and the sound is awesome!
    I find some of the presets sound fantastic, but others are so-so.
    however, the naming convention and order leaves a lot to be desired. They almost seem to be randomly sequenced and the names are hard to intuit the sound it will make.
    Has anyone had luck with renaming and reorganizing them? I assume its just changing the file name right?

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    First, the wavetables themselves are a fixed list. Please don't attempt to change the names of the wavetables starting with AEAHOOo.wav, etc. The presets are a different story.

    Yes, you can simply rename/copy/delete the individual preset files in the root directory.