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  • Loading new wavetable files

    Just wondering if anybody has loaded any new wavetables into the fireball. I recently tried to load a free serum wavetable from Cymatics. I loaded it straight to the sd card. The file has a fxp file extension. I also tried a straight wave file from the same source. Rebooted the firebox but not sure how to access these files. As you guessed I am a newbie. I do really like the sound that this tiny synth can produce. Any help is appreciated.

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    It is crazy that you posted this in February and have not gotten a response. I am not sure what the point of a support forum is if no one is going to respond. Anyway, it is frustrating that there is no clear documentation detailing how to load custom wavetable. They only thing in the manual mentioning this is:

    You can add your own wavetables to the microSD card to create your own presets. Nanobox | fireball is compatible with wavetables that contain 2048 samples per cycle and 256 cycles.
    I am going to try to do this today and if I figure it out, I'll try to remember to post how it went, here.


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      Maybe it hasn't been answered because it is not that complicated. I added some wavetables matching the specs to a folder I created in the root directory on the sdCard. They show up and play just fine.


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        You can always contact us directly as this forum is not our primary means of providing support.

        There is not much to know in terms of loading wavetables. Use the file system, navigate, load. Making proper wavetables is another issue. We have a video coming that shows how to curate wavetables for Fireball.