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Very loud noise/weird sound after the preset is changed

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  • Very loud noise/weird sound after the preset is changed

    Hi, I discovered that my 1010music nanobox fireball doesn't work well - sometimes it produces a very loud noise/weird sound after the preset is changed. The only way how to solve this is to power cycle the unit. Due to this, the unit is not usable because it can harm/damage studio equipment or PA. It happened five times but I have no clear steps to reproduce - just changing the preset.

    There is a video: (turn your volume down)

    In this case, I had a running (fast) arpeggiator, and then I turned on/off the Nanobox.

    At the start of the video, you can hear that volume is really low but after turning on the unit, there is a very loud noise/glitch.

    As I said - this could happen even during changing the preset.

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    Which version of firmware (as a number) are you using? I see 1.1.xx but can't quite see the last number. Next, This appears to be your preset. Can you share this preset? Finally, what is connected to the Line Input, and what is the current Line Thru setting?


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      Hi, sorry for the late response - I turned off notifications so I didn`t receive the reply.

      I loaded the default content and firmware file (so I performed a "factory reset") and since this, I didn`t reproduce this issue again. I am using it for some time now and it works as expected. I think that I maybe corrupt my preset (maybe by deleting or replacing the waveform file).‚Äč