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    Hi, I'm rhombus.

    I just got my Lemondrop today and I'm already having fun with it. I have it hooked up to my MOTU MIDI Express XT and I'm sequencing it (as well as a few other bits) with a Synthstrom Deluge. So far so good, having lots of fun.

    I also made my first basic sound on it today. I made a recording of my Nord Modular G2's shape oscillator, morphing the shape over about 5 seconds, then put it into the Lemondrop to use in my own sound. I haven't tried recording directly yet because my 3.5mm cables are too chunky to use two at a time. Still, it was easy enough to record a mono 48khz wav in Audacity and drop it onto the card. Thanks to the product team for making it easy enough to guess logically. I'll RTFM entirely this weekend.

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    Your username is fantastic; the rhombus is the most superior shape.