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Lemondrop for Random Drum Loops?

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  • Lemondrop for Random Drum Loops?

    Hello friends,

    Loving my Lemondrop.

    I would love to use drum loops with it to pull out random hits to get some changing rhythms. However it isn’t quite going as I hoped.

    I have a 140bpm drum loop that loops perfectly in audacity. I have loaded it onto the Lemondrop and it plays back fine. I can loop it fine on Lemondrop (although it seems to have some fade-in on looping but not when you first play the file?) and also works fine with a sequencer set to 140bpm.

    For this the oscillator is set to beat sync on with rate 1/16, grain size 50% or more, both window and jitter set to 0%, play mode is moving, start position 0% and speed 100%. This works fine to just play back the loop in sync.

    if I want to introduce some randomness so the playhead jumps around I increase the window size for example to 25%. Now it is jumping around but sounds quite sloppy and “out of time”. If the grain size is reduced to less than 30% you can hear it is rhythmically playing grains in 16ths. However, my guess is it is not picking those bits from slicing the audio into 16ths to guarantee it plays from the start of a drum hit (assuming your loop is 16 steps with all drum hits on step).

    Is there a way to set the window to pick from 16ths so a grain always starts at the right place?

    Is there a better approach for random drum sounds from loops with a lemondrop?