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Oh no! SD Corrupt.

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  • Oh no! SD Corrupt.

    Had a power issue. After that I got the "Insert SD Card" screen.

    Any hint how I can save my patches on it? Windows says "Format"-


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    Sorry to hear that! I hope you didn't lose any work.

    Yes, reformatting is what's needed here. I'd suggest you use the SD Memory Card Formatter, available here.

    You can get the firmware again here.

    A search on the forum should turn up the default sound patches, if you don't have them backed up.


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      I did repair the SD somehow swapping it to a linux machine and let the filesystem Check run...


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        Happy to read you managed to restore your data! Your post is a good reminder to back up that sd card frequently...


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          I have bought this device last week and I am getting the same issue. On first powering up I get this same error message: ''Please insert a MicroSD card''

          I tried to fix this by inserting it in a USB adaptor for Micro SD cards and used SD Card Formatter program but the formatting fails every time.

          The Lemon drop device does nothing but stay on this screen.

          $500 for nothing so far and no response from 1010 Music either as yet, I'm fuming!!!


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            It happend again.

            I got the card out (power off sure) put a new Sample on it. Power on, designed a patch.

            Card out again, put a new sample on (ejected SD properly). "No SD Card"---

            An sure enough: Even Linux can't save it now.

            My SD (delivered with the Unit) is a Kingston Canvas Select plus 32GB for the record.



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              Hi. I'm having the same issue. Simply added samples to the card, ejected from my mac, put into the Lemondrop but it won't read it when powered on. On top of that, when I plug it back into my mac, it now says the card can't be read. How could this happen from simply adding samples to the card?


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                It sounds like the sd card. We recommend formatting with SD Card Formatter and transferring a fresh set of files. You can find the factory image on this forum.

                I hate to hear issues like this. Apologies for the trouble. It does happen.


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                  After loading samples for the first time onto the SD card from OSX, this problem just happened to me


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                    The card provided with lemondrop got corrupted and would not format using the SD Card Formatter app. After getting a new SD card and refreshing with the last firmware it seems to be working...


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                      Is there anything you can do to prevent those failures? It happens randomly over and over again. Honestly not really acceptable for a 450€ device which is also aimed for live usage...


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                        I have seen more reports regarding the card from nanobox than other devices. The card we provide is not necessarily the highest performing card. It is meant to deliver content and firmware out of the box. I would recommend a better quality card and (somewhat) regular formatting using SD Card Formatter.


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                          Not sure if this is a card issue. It’s happened (randomly) on two separate SD cards and also fixed itself twice now. I tried multiple power cycles , ran diagnostics and nothing. I then try it again a couple hours later and it just works again. It’s very frustrating. I love this device otherwise and really don’t want to return it. But if this is a common issue that 1010music is not concerned about then I guess I have to. Because I can’t rely on this device to work when I need it to.


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                            Originally posted by mike-o
                            But if this is a common issue that 1010music is not concerned about then I guess I have to.
                            No need to take shots at us. Scroll up and you will see that two of us (from 1010) have responded to this very thread - this is now my third... Ray and I both shared the answer.

                            You will need to share more info in order for anyone to help you. Which cards? What are the specs? How and when did you (do you) format? Please always share your firmware as a number. This forum is a great place to interact with our community. If you need support - from us - email is always better.

                            Please review the forum rules before posting:


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                              The card that 1010Music is shipping is not of high quality Steve? So your solution is for the user of a $400 dollar device is to reformat the card. And when that doesn't work multiple times (this happened to me) and you are sent an even inferior card (from 1010Music) with less storage then the original sd card that came with the new device. Then I imagine the customer has every right to be frustrated. This is a poor attempt to rectify an ongoing issue and shows me a lack of real concern from the company. Passing the problem on the to customer and telling them to fix it themselves?