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    Dear all,

    We apologize for the issues with the Lemondrop micro SD cards. We are in the process of upgrading the cards, however it will take months to roll that out with new hardware. Please stand by.

    In the meantime, we have found that it is generally easier and faster for everyone to ask the customer acquire a new card. You can buy them at Walgreens and many other places. I understand this is not the most full service way to go and we appreciate your help and support.


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      I have created a guide for rebuilding your Nano if you are suffering from a faulty card.

      Nano Micro sd rebuild Guide:


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        ahh crap same thing happened to me, now i lost all my custom patches this blows hard, super unhappy now!!!!!


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          Nothing to add, just another data point - the factory kingston SD on my fireball irreparably died during casual use. It didn't just become corrupt, it stopped being recognized correctly by any computer, and formatting attempts also resulted in errors. Seems like a bad batch from Kingston, or maybe just a bad card.
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            Same here with my Fireball after two days' use. Fortunately, I had a spare Sandisk 32Gb card and all seems fine after transferring the contents of the disk image and firmware. These things happen, I guess.


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              I was in the process to do a patch update for my lemondrop to version 1.2.5.
              Copied the downloaded NANOLEM.BIN file to the root directory on the Kingston minisd.

              After reloading the sd on the lemondrop I've got the same error message as indicated in the initial post in this topic.

              After trying to reload the sd back on my mac I've got an error "can't load external drive".

              After trying to reformat with the SD Card formatter I've got the error message:
              [ERROR] Invalid end of sector signature: 0x0000
              [ERROR] fat_check_validate_boot_sector returned error: 22 (Invalid argument)
              [ERROR] Initializing cached values failed: 22 (Invalid argument)
              [ERROR] Generated invalid volume. fat_volume_create returned: 22 (Invalid argument)

              I guess I need to buy a new SD card and follow this guideline, because the one delivered with the lemondrop is totally:
              If your Nano is missing samples or presets aren't loading properly and/or you're trying to update or rebuild from the factory image, this guide is for you! You must first have an account and be logged into our Forum. Step 1: Insert your Micro sd card into a card reader on your computer. Step 2: Backup any presets and/or


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                Sorry for any inconvenience to those who may have received a faulty micro sd card. In most cases a re-format using the sd card utility mentioned in that guide will help. In rare cases you'll need a totally new card. We don't have any hand in the manufacture or quality control of the micro sd cards but we do our best to source a reliable option to include with our devices. But sometimes micro sd cards can fail somewhere along the line before it reaches your hands.

                NOTE: We recommend regularly backing up your projects/presets to your computer.


                • Ritzi Lee
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                  Hello Lucas,

                  Firstly, I'd like to express my appreciation for your quick response and for acknowledging the issues some of us have faced with the provided micro SD cards.

                  Given the concerns and the challenges faced by several users, I'd like to propose a potential solution that might benefit the broader 1010 music community. Would it be feasible for 1010 music to publish an online 'Compatibility Matrix' for micro SD cards? This matrix could list all known SD card brands and models that have been tested and proven to be compatible with 1010 music gear.

                  A few advantages to consider:

                  1. **Informed Decisions:** Users can make more informed decisions when purchasing new SD cards, ensuring better compatibility and overall experience with 1010 music products.

                  2. **Troubleshooting:** When facing issues, users can quickly reference this matrix to see if their SD card could be a potential point of failure.

                  3. **Community Input:** This could be a living document, where users can also provide feedback on SD cards they've tested. This not only builds community trust but also lessens the testing burden on 1010 music.

                  4. **Reputation**: Taking such proactive measures reinforces 1010 music's commitment to user satisfaction, further solidifying the brand's reputation in the market.

                  I genuinely believe that this matrix will greatly assist users in troubleshooting and making informed decisions, resulting in a smoother experience with 1010 music products. I understand there are logistical considerations, but I think the benefits far outweigh the challenges.

                  Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this.

                • Steve
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                  @Ritzi Lee
                  If you search the forum, you will find a post (from me) comparing various cards in a recording scenario. The info has not changed much since then. We provide a decent card with our devices to deliver content and get you started. Your best performance will come from purchasing a higher-quality card.

                  My best experiences have come from SanDisk Extreme Pro A2 at any size. I prefer 64GB — the bluebox benefits from cards 128GB and higher.

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                Yes my Kingston card is acting up too, not loading samples, in presets.
                Thanks for the tip. I’ll pick up the recommended 64G SanDisk card. $13 bucks on Amazon, cheap insurance, for the price of a Happy Meal at Mc Ds.
                Does not bother me at all.
                Good luck sourcing better quality cards, for future products.
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