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Clean sample playback?

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  • Clean sample playback?

    I'm loving the lemondrop and it has worked great in live settings. One thing I can't figure out (and I'm thinking is just not possible) is a clean, straight-up sample play.

    I can get somewhat close with a combination of diming and zeroing certain parameters, but is there any way just to have it play a sample with no effects whatsoever?

    Thank you in advance!

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    Hello, I'm completely new to this kind of synth. I am enjoying my lemondrop a lot but I can't manage to find a way to simply playback a sample. On this video at 1/36 it seems that moving mode could allow to do that, but on my lemondrop, when I do so I still have several playheads

    please search the forum before posting.


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      Hey Steve,

      Thank you. I did search and read thy forum and this isn't the same question. I also tried the settings from that before posting. There is still a granular effect from those settings in the other post.


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        That solution didn't really work for me either. I left a comment there about what is a closer solution for me, but I too am looking to solve this issue. Please let me know if you've found a solution. Thanks.


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          You might experiment a bit with the settings. It is possible. But is not necessarily an intended application of our granular synth.


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            Gotcha. Thanks, Steve.