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Playing sample without changing its pitch

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  • Playing sample without changing its pitch

    Hello dear community!

    Playing around with Lemondrop and having fun with sampling various instruments. But, when it comes to the voice (I sampled some ancient folk singing) the higher pitched notes sound slightly not pleasing. I wish I could assign the midi in note parameter to sample playback position rather than changing pitch.

    Is that possible to do? which strategy would you advice to go?

    I might also try to play around with micro tonality to limit myself in the scale where the voice doesn’t change dramatically.

    thanks, Sasha

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    The resulting pitch of playback will always be tied to the incoming MIDI note that triggers it.


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      Thanks Steve!

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    The problem was solved by using Blokas MIDI HUB that converts MIDI notes to CC, then mapping that CC to the start position of the playback